Machine Learning Essentials: Hands-on Techniques for Unsupervised Clustering

Saturday, 11:00am - 1:30pm MST

Galvanize Phoenix
515 E Grant St
Phoenix, 85004

About the Event:
With the new innovations happening everyday in Machine Learning and AI space, it is important that we are prepared for this next revolution and understand the core concepts behind Machine Learning and where it can be applied in real-world. In this class we will be looking at one of Machine Learning techniques for unsupervised learning called Clustering, learn different methods like K-Means, Hierarchical , Leader Cluster etc and understand the inner workings and merits of each; Understand the practical application of clustering schemes in domains like Supply Chain, Retail and Finance along with a practical hands-on session on using Python Scikit Learn Machine Learning techniques to load unsupervised data, perform data pre-processing, run clustering methods, parameter tuning , predict and visualize the results.

Prior programming language experience is good to have. Any language is ok and knowledge of python is not required. Even if you don't have prior programming language, that is ok. We will use Python Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib and use Jupyter notebook to capture our analysis.

About the Speaker:
Raghav Jandhyala is a Senior Director of Product Management at SAP Labs for IOT and Digital Supply Chain. Raghav has over 16 years of experience in different fields like Supply Chain Management, Retail and Banking along with a strong technical background in Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and drives development and adoption of business applications. He has Masters in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University along with Business Process Management from Harvard University, Cloud Computing and Predictive insights from Stanford University and Advanced Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Harvard University. He held various roles in his career as Business Consultant, Development Architect, Solutions and Product Management. Raghav is responsible for developing the roadmap for SAP Integrated Business Planning Solution and works with Strategic Customers for new product innovations and as a trusted advisor for their Business Transformations. His interest is to bridge Business and Technology and is also a Guest Speaker at ASU WP Carrey School of Business.
This session will consist of 1 hour of presentation and 1 hour of hands-on activity (optional). Participants are expected to bring their own laptop with Jupyter for Python and Anaconda pre-installed.

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