Data Science Fundamentals: Math and Stats Short Course

Tuesday, 5:30pm - 8:30pm MST

Galvanize Boulder
1023 Walnut St
Boulder, 80302

Taught by Principal Data Science Instructor Adam Richards, the main topics to be covered will be as follows:
Day 1 (Monday, December 11th | 5:30pm - 8:30pm): Probability, Probability distributions, Bayesian and frequentist paradigms
Day 2 (Tuesday, December 12th | 5:30pm - 8:30pm): Random variables, Statistical inference, Regression, Classification, Evaluation metrics
We will begin the first day with a gentle introduction to probability and the major distributions used in statistics. We will finish with a concept-driven explanation of frequentist and Bayesian statistics.
On the second day, we will dive a bit further into how to make use of probability distributions for inference and hypothesis testing. We will then introduce regression and classification through the use of examples. Finally, we will discuss some of the common methods of evaluating model results.
We will use Python to illustrate the concepts, but no working knowledge of Python or any other language is required.
Interested in the Galvanize immersive program in data science? As part of the admissions process for the Data Science immersive program, there are two interviews: Python and statistics. These materials survey the areas of probability and statistics that will be covered in the statistics interview. In addition to the overview, there are resources for further study that are meant to reinforce the most important topics.You can submit your application here.
Tuition Credit
100% of this part-time course payment can be used as a tuition credit for our Data Science Immersive program. Candidates must enroll in an immersive that begins within 1 year of the completion of their part-time course(s).
Please bring your own laptop to this course.

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