Learn to Code NYC: Intro to JavaScript

Monday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST

Galvanize NYC
303 Spring St
New York, 10013

Have you wanted to code in JavaScript but don’t know where to start? Do you manage developers who use JavaScript and you want to understand the language better?
This talk is designed for programming beginners who want a tour of programming basics. We'll discuss variables, data-types, and control flow. The concepts presented apply to nearly all programming languages, but we'll be using JavaScript's syntax for all concrete examples.
If you're a programmer who already speaks another language, and are looking for a tour of JS Syntax, this may interest you as well.
What You’ll Learn:
The basics of programming, including:
– How JavaScript fits into the landscape of front-end languages
– How JavaScript works in the browser
– How JavaScript frameworks work
Beginner, no prior JavaScript knowledge needed
What to Bring:
We will be working on hands-on activities, so bring your computer!
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