Innovation Week: Bots and Messaging Panel

Thursday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

Galvanize San Francisco SOMA
44 Tehama Street
San Francisco, 94105

Rise of the Bots: Business and Policy Perspectives on the Growing Bot Ecosystem

Since the early days of ELIZA, chatbots have long held a place of fascination in the public consciousness. Until recently, however, these bots were only capable of rudimentary conversation and limited interactivity. Today, with dramatic improvements in machine learning and natural language processing, chatbots have been deployed in an increasingly diverse array of settings, from personal assistants and concierge services to recruiting and customer service. Automated bots have also been used for more nefarious ends, including digital propaganda. As chatbots rise in importance, policymakers in Washington, DC have started to take notice. In this panel discussion, we will hear from players at all levels of the chatbot ecosystem, including platform providers, brands, and developers, about the state of the bot ecosystem and how regulators should respond.

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