The Future is Here: How technology is positioning Boulder for social, environmental and economic success

Wednesday, 5:30pm - 7:00pm MST

Galvanize Boulder
1023 Walnut St
Boulder, 80302

New technology is already impacting the ways we live, work and play. It is also at the heart of much of the city’s work around issues like resilience, broadband infrastructure, climate, energy and transportation. This is the first in a series of events exploring the potential of innovation in our community!

Join a diverse group of panelists representing employers, educators and innovators as they discuss changing workforce needs, strategies to adapt and what the future may look like. The conversation will address topics such as how we plan for an inclusive and prepared workforce future, what challenges and opportunities exist and how we bolster our knowledge economy in an era of disruption.


This event's registration is not managed by Galvanize, please register on our partner's website below.


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