DevXCon 2017

Monday, 8:30am - 7:30pm PDT

Galvanize San Francisco SOMA
44 Tehama Street
San Francisco, 94105

We have an amazing line-up at DevXcon 2017 of practitioners of Dev Rel, On-boarding, Docs, Prod, Eng, Support, Customer Success, and Community!

DevXcon 2017: May 22 (Monday) at Galvanize SF!

Use code galvanize for discounted tickets or, if you'd like to volunteer 4 hours in exchange for a free ticket, email for more info.

Speakers include Jono Bacon, Bear Douglas, Anil Dash, Sarah Sharp, and many more from companies such as AWS, Google, Slack, Stripe, Square, MongoDB!

Do you work in a role where your target user is a developer, is in devops, or is an architect? Responsibilities that used to be focused in "Developer Relations" have expanded across many cross-functional roles that live in docs, engineering, product, support, marketing, customer success, training, partner ecosystem, and many other areas.

DevXcon 2017 is the first end-to-end event that brings together practitioners in this emerging space of Developer Experience. Brought to you by some of the organizers of DevRelCon, DevXcon offers a day of practitioners coming together to share their challenges, solutions, innovations, and visions for where this space will grow.

Space is limited! Don't miss your chance to meet experts and fellow practitioners of Developer Experience and Developer Relations!


This event's registration is not managed by Galvanize, please register on our partner's website below.


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