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Galvanize enables your enterprise to bridge the tech-talent gap from within; reducing time and cost spent recruiting for never-ending open seats while cloud-based projects stagnate. The best part? Teams train while producing current, critical projects in real-time with our experts.

Stop falling behind. Transform your team with the skills for today and tomorrow.

  • Curriculum tailored to long-term needs and current, critical projects
  • Classes held on or off-site, in-person, live and blended, length determined on your goals
  • SaaS apps, Cloud Foundry, Heroku, Microservices, IBM Watson - your technology stack and architecture
  • Instructors are expert developer-instructors that teach for performance, not theory

Cloud Native Essentials Overview

Many organizations like yours are starting to build applications in Java Spring and deploy them to Cloud Foundry. So we here at Galvanize developed the Cloud Native Essentials course to get your team up to speed as quickly as possible.


Cloud Native Development

Comprehensive, on-site training in technologies that will empower your company to develop and deploy applications in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods.

Cloud Native Essentials

The Cloud Native Essentials (CNE) blended learning course trains your developers to use Java Spring and Cloud Foundry to efficiently ship high-quality software.

Data Science for Executives

Guided by real-world case studies from industry, this intensive 1-day offsite illustrates how data science reduces costs, improves decisions, and enables new products and services.


Training Aligned with Business Outcomes

Our training solutions level up your teams. With our courses, build capacity to achieve vital business results through modern software development, data science, analytics, and engineering.

Data-Informed Instructional Methods

We reverse engineer our curriculum to meet measurable objectives, and continuously update courses with feedback from participants and industry experts. Hands-on learning with frequent checks for understanding engages learners, ensures they can put knowledge into practice and builds on-the-job skills.

Enterprise-Ready Professional Instructors

Learn directly from technical practitioners. Our full-time instructional team has in-the-trenches experience, business acumen, and a comprehensive understanding of industry best practices.

Talent Engagement Opportunities

Build and invigorate technical teams with our experienced and equipped talent pipeline. Graduates of our programs are employed by organizations like:

Benefits of Our Training Programs

Lead Technical Transformation

Learn from case studies and craft a winning plan

Deliver Winning Software

Build high-quality software, faster, by engaging your workforce and updating their skills

Leverage Data Science & Analytics

Optimize operational processes, deliver predictive analytics, and build data products

We Transform Organizations Like:

  • GE Digital Energy
  • IBM
  • Allstate

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Join organizations like GE, IBM, and Allstate -- level up your team with help from Galvanize.

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