Course Overview

We will begin the first day with a gentle introduction to probability and the major distributions used in statistics. We will finish with a concept-driven explanation of frequentist and Bayesian statistics.

On the second day, we will dive a bit further into how to make use of probability distributions for inference and hypothesis testing. We will then introduce regression and classification through the use of examples. Finally, we will discuss some of the commonly used methods of evaluating model results.

Is this course right for me?

We will use Python to illustrate the concepts, but no working knowledge of Python or any other language is required. If you're interested in learning the foundations of statistics necessary for a potential future career in Data Science, this course is for you! Note: 100% of this part-time course payment can be used as tuition credit for our full-time Data Science Immersive program.




2 Evenings



We also offer tuition discounts for those who continue on to our full-time immersive course.

Course Curriculum

Day 1

Learn probability, probability distributions, Bayesian and frequentist paradigms.

Day 2

Use random variables, statistical inference, regression, classification, and evaluation metrics.

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