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This prep course teaches data science essentials, including Python, SQL, and machine learning, and prepares students for entrance exams to data science immersives and bootcamps and for participation in Galvanize’s Data Science Immersive. Start learning today with hundreds of motivated peers like you.

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Experience Galvanize’s curriculum, community, and culture firsthand and explore if you’re passionate about pursuing a career in data science.

In-Depth Curriculum

This curriculum is thorough and accessible, ensuring that you quickly grasp data science concepts like Python, SQL, and machine learning, and preparing you for data science immersives and bootcamps.

Fast-Track Through Admissions

If you’re interested in Galvanize’s full-time Data Science Immersive, this prep course prepares you and fast-tracks you through the admissions process.

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Start Preparing Like a Data Scientist

This immersive prep course offers 50+ hours of training in the tools that data scientists use every day: Python, linear algebra, statistics, SQL, and machine learning.


This unit covers Python, a popular programming language used by working data scientists. Topics include fundamental data types, like strings, booleans, lists, and dictionaries. You’ll learn to write your own functions, create your own objects, and use them to organize your code in to clean, professional flow.

Linear Algebra

Data are represented as vectors and matrices, which are the basic objects studied in linear algebra. This unit covers the tools of linear algebra that are most relevant to data science.

Probability & Statistics

Model real data using common probability distributions, and apply concepts from probability and statistics to infer properties of the data generating process.


Learn how databases are structured. Use SQL to add and remove data from a database, query a database to answer data-based questions, including using aggregations and joins.


What are the program start dates?

Galvanize’s Free Data Science Immersive Prep course has rolling enrollment. Since the course is self-paced and online, you can join at any time and work at your own pace and leisure.

Is this an in-person/live online course with scheduled days and times?

Nope! Galvanize’s Free Data Science Immersive Prep is fully online and self-paced.

Am I guaranteed to get into Galvanize’s Data Science Immersive course if I take this prep course?

Galvanize’s Free Data Science Immersive Prep course doesn’t guarantee admittance into Galvanize’s Data Science Immersive. However, most students who interview after completing the entirety of the prep course are accepted into Galvanize’s Data Science Immersive.

Do you have scholarships available for Prep?

We don’t have scholarships for this course because it’s 100-percent free!

How do I register?

You can start and complete the program for free here.

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Learn the fundamentals of data science, including Python, SQL, and machine learning.

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