On-Site Courses To Be Delivered Live Online

Due to the proliferation of COVID-19, we have made the decision to transition our upcoming SEI and DSI programs to Live Online instruction and delivery. These online programs will be delivered by your same incredible instructional staff and will still allow you to fully engage with your fellow classmates.


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Our top-tier data science alumni work at some of the top tech companies:

Galvanize Data Science Grads have worked for Spotify
Galvanize Data Science alumni work for Tesla
Galvanize Data Science alumni work at Microsoft
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at
Galvanize Data Science bootcamp grads work for American Express

Use Data Science to Solve Today’s Business Problems

Our Python-based curriculum introduces best practices in machine learning, statistical analysis, natural language processing, and data visualization. You’ll examine case studies and master the tools needed to find a job as a data scientist. For those who want additional experience in Python, we offer an in-person Python Fundamentals course.

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

Our highly motivated students come from a variety of backgrounds like data analysis, engineering, and mathematics. You’ll learn to code alongside a cohort of driven peers and develop meaningful connections with our world-renowned faculty and career services team, who come together to help you identify strengths, define goals, and connect you to our 2,250+ hiring partners.

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Learn fundamentals like Python, machine learning, and SQL needed to succeed in our Data Science Immersive bootcamp. Learn to code in our fast-track coding bootcamp prep course!

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Interested in a full-time immersive program? Attend an info session for our Data Science Immersive bootcamp to connect with our admissions team and discover what program is the best fit for you.

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Interview Deadline: Jan 11

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Quarter 1: Python and Statistics Fundamentals

Students jump right into a Python-based curriculum and explore and learn statistical analysis, including frequentist and Bayesian methods. Students master fundamental data science concepts while growing in skill with libraries like numpy, scipy, and pandas. For those who need to learn Python basics, we offer an in-person Python Fundamentals course.

Quarter 2: Machine Learning & Prediction

In the second quarter, we dive into machine learning, working on real problems in classification, regression, and clustering using structured and unstructured data sets. We build a conceptual understanding of each model before practicing with libraries used in the industry.

Quarter 3: Natural Language Processing & Recommenders

Students learn natural-language processing, recommender systems, neural networks, and time-series data. We gain experience with big data and data in the cloud. By the end of this section, students are well-versed in data science and ready to work independently.

Quarter 4: Capstone Projects & Case Studies

Students work independently on three projects unique to their interests or career aspirations. These "capstone projects" solve real problems using the technical skills students have learned throughout the course. Students also work on several group case studies throughout the program, combining real-world data with what they've learned each week while practicing team-based software development.

Find a Data Science Job with Career Services

Our Career Services team helps you develop important personal branding, networking, and interviewing skills to ensure you have a successful post-graduation job search strategy

Our Students

At Galvanize, you'll collaborate with other hard-working students driven by motivation.

“I wouldn't be where I am today without Galvanize. I started my journey with little experience in data science, but I emerged from the program within multiple job offers in the field.”

Austin Krauss, Cognitive & Analytics Consultant, IBM

“Galvanize taught me to be self-sufficient by finding the answer through research, which has been beneficial to keeping me on board with my team and not feeling overwhelmed or unprepared.”

Keatra Nesbitt, Data Scientist, Valkyrie

"The community of Galvanize was hands-down the best part of the experience. The immersive program trained me to develop grit & a strong work ethic that eventually led me to quickly landing a new job!”

Puneet Lahoty, Senior Data Scientist, Earnin

Learn from Expert Data Science Bootcamp Instructors

Our team of experienced, full-time instructional faculty utilize real-world case studies to teach best practices in statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization that will prepare you for a successful career in Data Science.

Outcomes: Who Has Hired Our Data Science Students

Our bootcamp prepares grads to work at today’s most impressive companies. Learn more about our student outcomes here.

Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Accenture
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at American Express
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Asana
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Cisco
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Microsoft
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Oracle
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Redfin
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Spotify
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Tesla
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at Turo
Galvanize Alumni Have worked at vmware

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