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Our Data Science program has created an incredible network of top-tier data scientists who work everywhere from early-stage startups to some of the most prestigious tech companies.

Our students have received jobs at some of the top tech companies:

Solve Today’s Business Problems

Our Python-based curriculum introduces best practices in statistical analysis, machine learning, natural language processing and data visualization. You’ll examine case studies and master the tools and techniques needed to not only advance your career but also solve today’s greatest business problems.

Learn Alongside the Brightest Minds

Our highly motivated students come from a variety of backgrounds including data analysis, engineering and mathematics. You’ll work alongside a cohort of driven peers as well as develop meaningful connections with our team of experienced, world-renowned faculty.

Advance Your Data Science Career

At Galvanize, you gain more than an education, you develop a network. Our career team will help you identify your strengths, define your goals and connect you with our 1,000+ hiring partners to ensure your career aspirations become a reality.

Data Science Timeline, Where Do I Fit?

Our Data Science Immersive bootcamp is rigorous and requires students to possess aptitude, determination, and drive before joining a cohort. Applicants must also have programming experience in Python and significant expertise in math, statistics, and probability to pass our technical interview required for admittance. We also provide prep courses that prepare you for the program.

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Learn the Data Science fundamentals like Python, SQL and machine learning needed to succeed in our Data Science bootcamp. Take our concentrated fast-track coding bootcamp prep program!

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Quarter 1

Data Science Fundamentals: Python and Statistics

Students jump right into a Python-based curriculum where we explore and learn statistical analysis, including frequentist and Bayesian methods. By following software-engineering best practices and pair programming with fellow students from different backgrounds, students master concepts fundamental to data science while growing in skill with libraries like numpy, scipy, and pandas.

Quarter 2

Machine Learning & Prediction

In the second quarter, we dive into machine learning, working on real problems in classification, regression, and clustering using structured and unstructured data sets. We build a conceptual understanding of each model before practicing with libraries used in the industry.

Quarter 3

Natural Language Processing & Recommenders

In the third quarter, we add a variety of special topics to our data science knowledge, including natural-language processing, recommender systems, neural networks, and time-series data. We gain experience with big data and data in the cloud. By the end of this section, students should be well-versed in data science and ready to work on their own.

Quarter 4

Data Science Capstone Projects & Case Studies

Over the course of our data science course, students work independently on three data science projects unique to their interests or career aspirations. These "capstone projects" solve real problems using the technical skillset students have learned throughout the course and demonstrate their fitness as a professional data scientist. Students also work on several group case studies throughout the program, combining real-world data with what they've learned each week while practicing team-based software development.

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Galvanize creates and hosts dozens of events each week - from meetups to hackathons and everything in between. Our programming offers unique access to learning opportunities and influencers in the local tech network.

Student Life


Galvanize mentors are industry experts with a diverse set of viewpoints and backgrounds who can help you work through challenges and build your network.
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Career Services

Our Career Services team works with you to develop important personal branding, networking, and interviewing skills to ensure you have a successful post-graduation job search strategy.
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Campuses/Coworking Space

Our beautiful campuses are home to startups, Fortune 500s, and technical talent that create a community designed to nurture meaningful networking opportunities.
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We are proud to have over 8,000 alumni who are thoughtful, ambitious, and entrepreneurial to the core. Our worldwide alumni network is a powerful family that you join when you enroll with Galvanize.
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Our Instructors

At Galvanize, we're proud to feature industry leaders and world-renowned engineers as our instructors.

Jack Bennetto

Lead Data Science Instructor

Jack is a data scientist with fifteen years of industry experience (and six in management) in development, test, operations, program management, and instruction. Delivered products over multiple development cycles at both Microsoft and startup companies.

Kayla Thomas

Senior Data Scientist

Kayla is a data scientist based in Denver, Colorado with a bachelor's degree in math from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She taught secondary math for 6 years in Northern Colorado, took Galvanize's Data Science program, became a Data Scientist, and then returned to Galvanize to teach.

Elliott Saslow

Data Science Instructor & Evangelist

Elliott has a background in Physics, Neuroscience, Economics, Python, & Matlab and is also experienced with a multitude of Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning, Bash Data Pipelines, AWS, Arduino, RaspberryPi and many other new & exciting technologies. Elliott was a Galvanize student in 2018 before working at a startup and becoming an instructor.

Our Students

"I chose Galvanize because I was really impressed with the breadth of the curriculum and opportunities to wrestle with big data tools. It seemed well aligned with current industry needs."

Larry Thomas, Data Scientist, Triplebyte

“A career change is really exciting but also really tough, so it’s great to have a whole community of people who go through it together.”

Lili Yao, Data Scientist, Asana

"The community of Galvanize was hands-down the best part of the experience. The immersive program trained me to develop grit & a strong work ethic that eventually led me to quickly landing a new job!”

Puneet Lahoty, Senior Data Scientist, Earnin

Outcomes: Who Has Hired Our Students

Our program prepares grads to work at today’s most prestigious and forward-thinking companies.

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