Corporate Training Solutions

Filling your organization's talent gap may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but with proper education strategies and targeted hiring, Galvanize can help you take on this challenge successfully.

Enterprise Solves Complex Problems

Galvanize Enterprise was built to solve the most complex workforce challenges that leave digital transformations stalled. The demands and new requirements of digital business are leading to a gap in strategy, skill, and understanding.

Galvanize will partner with and lead your company on the path to success by cultivating technology talent and transforming your teams from within.

Training Solutions

Management Workshops

Challenge: Executives and managers do not fully understand the possibilities of digital and need the skills to lead teams in new ways of working.
Solution: For those who don't need the technical skills, but need to understand the importance of transformation to the organization and how to lead those teams.

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Upskilling/Reskilling Courses

Challenge: An organization has thousands of people on an IT team, employees working in several locations, or teams that want to train without sacrificing productivity.
Solution: Our courses can be customized based on your specific team’s needs. Pre and Post Assessments help demonstrate success. Flexible delivery options include: Immersive and Part-Time Courses, Remote, In-Person, or Blended Delivery

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Curriculum as a Service

Challenge: An internal training team that does not have the expertise or resources to develop timely, industry-relevant curriculum.
Solution: We offer customized, solution-oriented online curriculums for Enterprise Clients and University partners.

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Hiring Solutions

Galvanize Consulting

Challenge: Companies are in need of short term or long term hires, but do not have the capacity to hire or train them.
Solution: We take grads from our bootcamps, train them on your tech stack and use cases, and provide them to you as hourly contractors or contract-to-hire.

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Talent as a Service (TaaS)

Challenge: The talent pools in the hiring market are scarce, and your organization is competing with all companies for the same talent.
Solution: We create an overflowing pool of talented candidates who are trained on your tech stack and use cases and are exclusively available for hire by you.

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The grads are so well-prepared, they come in and hit the ground running, that's really what we're looking for."

Dustin B., Cisco

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Why Choose Galvanize

Today’s enterprise organizations are experiencing a myriad of challenges. The demands and new requirements of digital business are leading to a gap in strategy, skill, and understanding.

We have been pioneers in technology education since 2012 and have helped many companies achieve success by cultivating technology talent and transforming your teams from within.

Outcomes Based Education

Outcomes Based Education

Customize curriculum to match learning goals. Real time progress measurement to guide instructor intervention.

Project Focused Learning

Project-Focused Learning

Real use cases to reinforce new concepts. Maintain productivity during training.

Expert Instructors

Expert Instructors

Real-world industry experience, not just from “textbooks”. Taught by full-time practitioners.

Learn Platform

Learn Platform

Real time student progress visibility. Assessment and learning at scale.

Thought Leadership

Is it better to hire from outside or upskill current employees?

Every organization that is undertaking a digital transformation hits a point where they can go no farther because they have a skills gap.

Why it’s essential for businesses to keep up with technology

If there’s one universal business maxim, it’s to ignore technology at your own peril.

Best 7 communication apps and programs for teams

There are an array of helpful communication and project management tools that help remote teams stay on target, even if they’re working across time zones.

Our Team Spotlight

Jeff Lent, DCS

Head of Enterprise Software Engineering

Jeff believes in the power of extreme programming practices to improve the effectiveness of software engineering teams. He has led lean transformation within software engineering groups for over 20 years. Jeff is a certified ITILv3 expert and holds prior scrum master and scrum coaching certifications.

Adam Richards, PhD

Head of Enterprise Data Science

For over 15 years, Dr. Richards has worked in data science, contributing to medicine, healthcare and education. His background and exposure to real-world data science challenges gives him a rooted understanding of the field and educational landscape, which provides him with a unique perspective to help industry partners, both large and small.

Taryn Heilman

Lead Data Science Instructor

Taryn’s academic background is in math and astrophysics. She has extensive experience using Spark, TensorFlow and working in computer vision. Taryn most recently honed her computer vision skills at a medical imaging startup, doing cutting edge deep-learning R&D for an AI software designed to help radiologists.

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