We'll Create Your Talent Pipeline

Change the sourcing game from a scarce pool of talent to an abundant pool of talent trained to your specs, exclusively hirable only by you, with our corporate talent and hiring solutions

We'll Create Your Talent Pipeline


of companies are currently recruiting or plan to recruit DevOps humans in the next 12 months (2020 Upskilling- Enterprise DevOps Skills Report)


of CEOs were concerned about the availability of key skills (PwC Talent Trends 2020)


of HR professionals had difficulty recruiting suitable candidates, with one-third citing a lack of needed technical skills

Challenge: Shallow talent pool

“The talent pools in the hiring market are scarce and I’m competing with all companies for the same talent.”


Enjoy full-service talent and hiring support, with an overflowing pool of candidates who are trained on your tech stack and use cases and are exclusively hirable by you. We also have our graduates available to you as hourly contractors or contract-to-hire, so you can 'try before you buy'.

Our Process


We work with your business units to identify talent gaps, define a candidate entry point, and then reverse-engineer a curriculum and entry assessment to achieve the targeted outcome.

Talent Search

Having identified your needs, we partner with universities, tech groups, and our community members to search for quality individuals that meet your organization's criteria.

Train and Onboard

We integrate our curriculum and assessments into a customized solution. Approved candidates complete training, with progress benchmarks. Successful candidates may begin working immediately, or can be set on a contract basis.

"The Galvanize Talent Solutions team has been great to work with in identifying superior talent. We appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of the team, and the quality and breadth of the talent profiles shared for our consideration."

Fortune 100 Consulting Firm

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