Galvanize enables your organization to bridge the tech-talent gap from within--reducing time and cost spent recruiting for open seats while cloud-based projects stagnate.


In order to meet the demands of your organization’s digital transformation, it’s important to assess where your team’s readiness for change stands. Your developers have a wide range of skills, talents, and experience--and we can help you maximize the success of your organization by performing an objective assessment.

Our expert instructors spend time on-site with your engineers in a pair-programming scenario. After our assessment, you will receive a custom report with written comments that can be used for admissions criteria, candidate stack-ranking, individual coaching and personalized feedback.


After the assessment is complete, we recommend the best learning-paths forward, in order to align your development team’s priorities with the larger goals of your organization.

We help you achieve the goals of your digital transformation by training your current workforce with the abilities to work better, faster, and smarter by leveraging the industry’s most up-to-date technologies.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a leading cloud platform for deploying and operating modern applications. As a trusted Pivotal partner, Galvanize offers the most robust and comprehensive training for Agile cloud development.

Your engineers will gain a deep understanding and mastery of how to effectively use Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Developer.

SalesForce Heroku

Heroku enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. This platform’s flexibility helps engineers deliver unique applications in a way that supports their own requirements and development practices.

We offer several ways to optimize the performance of your Heroku investment. Enable your teams to successfully build their applications with custom packages built to meet your environment.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers developers a scalable and flexible platform to deliver sophisticated applications quickly and reliably. With hundreds of thousands of users, AWS offers the scale and flexibility for any size organization to build, deploy, and maintain cloud applications.

With a hybrid effort of classroom-time and hands-on programming, our expert team will teach your developers core competencies around how to best deploy applications on AWS. Contact us today to see how we can transform your technical team.

IBM Cloud

Solve real problems with IBM Cloud's computing platform. IBM Cloud is an open-standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing applications. With the power IBM Cloud, developers can focus on building excellent user experiences with flexible compute options, choice of DevOps tooling, and a powerful set of IBM and third-party APIs and services.

Enable your team to effectively build and deploy on IBM Cloud with expert instruction from our team. Our faculty team of developers.

Examples of Custom Courses

Java Fundamentals & OOP

Made up of three blocks: Intro to Git Primer, Java, and OOP. By the end of this course users are be able to set up and run basic Java projects, solve problems that involve state and behavior, and write Java applications that handle exceptions.

Cloud Native Developer

Comprehensive, on-site training in technologies that will empower your company to develop and deploy applications in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods.

Cloud Native Essentials

The Cloud Native Essentials (CNE) blended learning course trains your developers to use Java Spring and Cloud Foundry to efficiently ship high-quality software.

Data Science for Executives

Guided by real-world case studies from industry, this intensive 1-day offsite illustrates how data science reduces costs, improves decisions, and enables new products and services.

Cognitive Builder Course

The Cognitive Builder Course from Galvanize is an online course that includes training videos, tutorials and hands-on activities that is designed to help you become a data innovator with IBM Watson.