Galvanize is the recognized leader in technology education with a focus in software development, data science and data engineering. We have a world-renowned team of experienced, full-time instructional faculty.

Nir Kaldero

Director of Data Science

Nir Kaldero leads the Data Science team at Galvanize. Kaldero also serves as a faculty member in the MSDS program. A tireless advocate for transforming education and reshaping the field of data science, Kaldero’s vision and mission is to make an impact on a wide variety of communities through science and technology.

Thomas Fowler

Lead Enterprise Instructor

Thomas has been working in software development for nearly 20 years. Over the course of his professional career, he has built a holistically-based focus on the problems and requirements of the project at hand. In other words, regardless of the technology, language(s) or platform(s) used, the solution should perform reliably, be easily maintained, meet the requirements of the business and be something which empowers the user rather than debilitating them.

Joe Peterson

Lead Enterprise Instructor

Joe has a passion for technology and more than 20 years of experience in software architecture and development, creative problem solving, technical leadership, team management, teaching/mentoring, and customer-facing technical pre-sales. He has expertise in Android app development, Linux, open source, databases, 3D computer graphics, Internet/networking technology, data visualization, aviation, and space mission ground systems.

Chyld Medford

Lead Enterprise Instructor

Chyld is a senior software engineer who has designed numerous business-critical software applications for a variety of modern industries. Chyld's development experience spans work in finance, medicine, education, energy, and defense industries for companies including Lockheed Martin, Atmel, Boeing, NASA, LexisNexis and Bloomberg.

Nathan Zukoff

__Associate Instructor __

Nathan is an Associate Instructor and has spent years focused on data science work both at CrowdFlower and Mixpanel. CrowdFlower was focused on data enrichment and Mixpanel on data analytics. His expertise is focused in the areas of software development, agile product development, and process design.

Jay Batavia

Associate Instructor

Jay is an Associate Instructor and Full Stack Developer. He speaks English, French, Gujarati and Hindi. He has a BA in Computer Science from Colorado College. He is passionate about technology and believes in technical education for everyone.

Mattias Ljung

Associate Instructor

Mattias is an Associate Instructor and Full Stack Web Developer that specializes in XP processes and test driven development. He has direct recent experience in Agile transformations and modern web technologies. He loves helping organizations and individuals thrive through implementing modern development practices that benefit all parties involved.

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