The Power To Get It Done Is In The APIs

Today, everyone from startups to large businesses can take advantage of cognitive technology to help grow rapidly without draining their bank account. Learn how to frame data problems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and their hands-on application using IBM Watson. These are a few of the most powerful and in-demand Watson APIs:


Build chatbots that understand natural language and deploy them on messaging platforms and websites, on any device.


Rapidly build a cognitive search and content analytics engine.

Natural Language Understanding

Use advanced natural language processing techniques without being an expert with machine learning or data science.

Visual Recognition

Understand the contents of images - visual concepts tag the image, recognize food, find human faces, approximate age and gender, and find similar images in a collection.

Self-Paced Coursework

24+ Hours

Watson APIs




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Galvanize offers the only IBM certified course on Watson's APIs

Cognitive Builder Course Overview

Become a next-level application builder with the Cognitive Builder Course from Galvanize.

IBM and Watson are transforming how products work. In this online course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of working with Watson and how to build smart products.

And as successful participant in the Cognitive Builder Course, you will be issued a IBM Certified Watson Cognitive Developer certification by IBM. This certification will be recorded in your IBM Professional Certification Marketplace and will enable the participant to digitally advertise their certification.

This course is ideal for developers looking to invest in their professional growth or requesting development funding from their employers.

Course Schedule

This hands-on course teaches developers how to prototype, integrate and deploy cognitive technologies and create intelligent products utilizing IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud.

Module 1

What is Machine Learning?
Main components of IBM Cloud / Watson
Using ToneAnalyzer to detect emotions in natural language
Using VisualRecognition to classify images

Module 2

Opportunities offered by Cognitive Technologies
Designing an Intelligent product
Mining insights using Discovery
Designing a conversational agent using Conversation

Module 3

Solving a business problems with intelligent technologies
Intelligent system architecture
Deployment phase concerns and how to solve them

Module 4

Development processes for intelligent products and systems
Developing a prototype based on ML/AI functionalities
Assembling components of the IBM Cloud Platform

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