Jump Ahead in the Program Based on Your Skills

We are now offering an accelerated path into our Web Development Immersive. Based on acceptance and your technical scores during the application process, you can jump ahead! This will expedite your journey to becoming a Full Stack Web Developer while saving you money in the form of a tuition discount.

Are you eligible?

If you have already mastered topics like objects, arrays, functions, API calls and the DOM, you may be qualified to test out of the quarter that covers front end development and JavaScript foundations.

Why FastTrack

FastTrack allows students to enter our immersive program where it makes sense based on their existing skillsets. Jumping ahead allows FastTrack students to complete their program in less time for less money. Students with existing JavaScript and Front End Development knowledge have the opportunity to complete the program in 18 weeks instead of 24.

How It Works

After completing our standard application process that includes the application form, a cultural interview, and a technical interview - your technical interview score will determine eligibility for the FastTrack program. If eligible, you then complete our proctored FastTrack exam on campus to determine if you can start at Q2 in the program. Reach out to our admissions team for more details about the program and how to become a FastTrack student.

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Our Admissions Advisors are here to help answer your questions and provide more info!


18 Weeks



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Learn in Boulder, CO

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1023 Walnut StreetBoulder, CO 80302

Learn more about the Web Development Immersive curriculum, application process, financing options, and much more. Meet with Galvanize team members, including current instructors and students, who can help answer your questions.

Upcoming Dates


Aug20 - Feb8

orange-arrowQ2 Start: Sep 24

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm


Oct8 - Mar29

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

Where Do I Start?

Your scores on the technical interview will determine FastTrack eligibility. If you are eligible you will complete a FastTrack exam to determine if you can start the program at Q2.

  • FastTrack EXAM

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“I just accepted an offer from Amex to be a software engineer in New York, and it is exactly the type of position I wanted. Galvanize’s career services and support have far surpassed my expectations."

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What You Will Learn

Students admitted into the FastTrack program are able to start at a later quarter depending on skill level of items covered in previous quarters.

Quarter 1

Intro to Programming and Frontend Development

You'll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript as well as programming fundamentals and basic algorithms. You'll learn to build web pages with HTML and style them with CSS, and you'll make web pages interactive with DOM manipulation and AJAX. You'll leave this quarter having built your own client-side app using an agile workflow.

Quarter 2

Server-Side Programming

Learn how to build and deploy dynamic server-side web apps using Node.js and Express as well as how to manage databases using SQL. You'll finish this quarter by completing a server-side application using an agile workflow with a team of classmates.

Quarter 3

Single-Page Applications

In this quarter you'll combine what you learned in the front-end and server-side quarters and build on that foundation by learning client-side frameworks such as AngularJS and React. You'll finish by building a complete single-page application (both client-side and server-side) in a group, following an agile workflow.

Quarter 4

Data Structures and Algorithms & Interview Prep

You'll learn how to tackle more complex algorithms such as sorting algorithms, searching algorithms and tree and graph traversal. You'll also learn how to calculate the Big O notation of functions. Importantly, you'll also learn how to demonstrate these skills live on a whiteboard - an essential skill for most technical interviews.

Capstone Project

Conclude the course by completing an independent capstone project that can demonstrate the full range of your skills to employers. Capstone projects combine the topics you'll learn in class plus additional technologies you'll learn on your own to demonstrate your versatility and fitness for a position in an ever-changing tech landscape.

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The Galvanize Advantage

You’re not in this alone. Our team will be there supporting you through every step in your journey.


Alison Sipos
Admissions Advisor | Boulder, CO

Our Admissions Advisors help guide students through the application process and are always available to answer any questions from prospective students.

Student Success

Jess Kryzenske
Program Director | Boulder, CO

Our Student Success team ensures your experience as a Galvanize student is everything you imagined it could be.

Career Services

Richard Luby
Career Services Manager | Boulder, CO

Our Career Services team prepares students to leverage their new technical skills into a career as a full-stack developer.

Student Life

Galvanize campuses are designed from the ground up to be conducive to learning to code. From the classrooms and the lab space to the carefully vetted companies renting workspaces, Galvanize is the learning community for technology.

Part-Time Learning Opportunities

Not ready for a full-time immersive program? Our workshops are the perfect starting place for novice or intermediate coders looking to level-up their skill set.

Javascript Accelerated


Web Development Foundations with JavaScript


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