About the Course

In this part-time course, you will learn how to build applications that use React.js - a popular front-end JavaScript framework. The fast rendering speed and functional approach make React a great choice if you're looking to speed up your workflow with JavaScript. You will learn with help from top-level instructors two nights per week for 5 weeks.

Is this course right for me?

Attendees will be most successful with intermediate to advanced experience in JavaScript, and be proficient using HTML/CSS. If you're an existing web developer or aspiring coder, this course is right for you!

Learn from the Best Instructors

Galvanize demands top quality instructors with real-world experience. This class is taught by Craig Quincy and Sean Helvey. Craig has been in the tech industry for 18 years and held every job from QA to CTO. He has built applications for NOAA, the United Way, and the American Red Cross. Sean started coding in quantitative finance classes at Cal Poly SLO and built option pricing models on Wall Street before completing a Master's Degree in Computer Science. Most recently he developed machine learning systems at Pearson before joining Galvanize.




5 Weeks

Tues/Thurs Evenings



Learn more about the daytime Web Development Immersive.


Students learn in a blended format both on a Galvanize campus and through online curriculum. Class will meet Tuesdays for Instruction and Thursdays for Office Hours.


On Campus Instruction
5:30PM to 8:30PM


On Campus Office House
5:30 to 7:30PM

Week 1
Kickoff - Course Intro and Pre-course Work

Week 2
React Components & API Interaction

Week 3
Redux with React

Week 4
Project Assignment

Week 5
Project Presentations

What You Will Learn

React Components

Setup robust React applications. Use the latest JavaScript features and coding techniques using ES6 & ES7. Build React components with JSX.

Managing State and Event Interaction

Manage state and behavior in React applications. Use Redux with React. Handle user interaction using events.

Application Routing and Data Interaction

Create client-side routing with React Router. Interact with server-side APIs to build robust applications.

Learn in Boulder, CO

Upcoming Dates

Apr17 - May15


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