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Are you interested in learning more data science? You know it's necessary to be a strong programmer, but you don't know how to get started. In this workshop, you'll learn how to program in Python and be better prepared to learn data science.

Who You Are

This workshop is for analysts, product managers, staticians, business managers and anyone else who wants to build their Python skills for data science. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn.

What You'll Learn

Whether you’ve programmed in other languages or Python is your first, this class will teach you the nuances of Python and how to use them to your advantage in your data science projects. Environmental setup, data scientist workflow, ins and outs of coding pythonically, object oriented programming, and popular data science libraries including Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy, and Sklearn are amongst topics you'll learn.




3 Weeks

3 Nights/Week



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We also offer tuition discounts for those who continue on to our full-time immersive course.

What You Will Learn

Intro to Python

Learn how to set up your data science environment and workflow

Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming as well as the ins and outs of coding pythonically

Data Science Libraries

Popular data science libraries including Matplotlib, Pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn

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1023 Walnut StreetBoulder, CO 80302

Not sure if you're ready for a full immersive program, or want more information? Attend an in-person, Data Science info session to connect with admissions, ask questions, and see if this program is the right fit.

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We’re currently scheduling more sessions in Walnut.
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Immersive Tuition Discount

If you go on to enroll in an Immersive program, your Immersive tuition will be discounted by the cost of the part time program.

Part-Time Learning Opportunities

Not sure the full time immersive course is right for you? We offer evening 8 week and 12 week part-time workshops that you can attend on your own schedule.

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In this workshop, you'll learn how to program in Python and be better prepared to learn data science.

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