What is the Learning Readiness Test? 

The final step in the admissions process for our new Part-Time Beginner Coding Bootcamp is what we call a Learning Readiness Test.

But it’s not a test that you’re expected to know answers to without any context. In fact, the test is a learning opportunity in and of itself. It’s a set of instructional videos, articles, and quizzes that cover computer literacy, math, and problem-solving skills – all of which you’ll need to be comfortable with before embarking on this exciting journey toward becoming a software engineer.

Below, read more details about what the test covers, how to complete it, and why we believe this is an effective way to ensure you start the program ready to succeed.

The purpose of the Learning Readiness Test

The Learning Readiness Test is designed to:

  1. Confirm that you have the foundational computer literacy, math, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in this program. (You’re not tested on programming skills, as this is a beginner coding program.)
  2. Give you confidence that you’re capable of completing and thriving in this program.
  3. Give you a sense of what class feels like (especially if you choose to complete the readiness test materials in one week – more on that below).

It’s important to emphasize that you will not be asked to demonstrate any programming skills during this test. Rather, you’ll learn and then be tested on topics that are foundational to begin to learn how to code.

How the test works

After completing the prior steps in the admissions process, you’ll get access to the Learning Readiness Test. Upon logging in, you’ll find an introductory video that walks you through how to navigate the test platform and overall experience.

We anticipate the entire test is going to up to 15 hours to complete. Some may finish quicker than others depending on previous exposure to and practice with the topics. The weekly time commitment for this part-time program is approximately 19 hours, so if you choose to complete the test within one week, you’ll get a sense of what a week’s worth of content might feel like, give or take a few hours.

But you’re not required to complete the test in that time frame. Once you log in and begin engaging with the material, you’ll have three months to complete the test.*

This test is divided into three topic sections (computer literacy, math, problem-solving), each with videos, articles, and examples. You can read, watch, and review before you’ll be required to pass two quizzes after each section. You should only begin a quiz when you’re ready to take it in uninterrupted time. Each quiz will auto-submit after one hour.

Here’s an overview of what each test topic covers:

  • Computer Literacy: You’ll learn about your laptop and/or desktop computer, including common keyboard shortcuts, how files and folders work, how to install and operate applications, and more.
  • Math: You’ll learn (or refresh your knowledge of) foundational math concepts such as types of numbers (integers, decimals, etc.), exponentials, functions, and sequences.
  • Problem-Solving: You’ll learn the basics of Boolean logic, which is about the values true and false, and the different ways to combine those values.

Once you’ve successfully completed all sections and passed all section quizzes, you’ll be done with the final step in the admissions process, securing a seat in the next available cohort. You’ll be ready to join your instructors, fellow classmates, and support team for this transformational learning experience.

*A person has three attempts at the successful completion of each quiz within the Learning Readiness Test. There are 6 quizzes in total. If a person fails a given quiz three times, they’ll have to wait two weeks before returning to that quiz. They may continue with other quizzes and/or topics in the Learning Readiness Test during that time. A person has unlimited chances to pass the Learning Readiness Test as long as there are two weeks between failed quiz attempts.


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