Top 6 jobs that can be done remotely

By Sarah Kuta for Hack Reactor

If you’ve always wanted to work from home, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about a new career.

Many companies are now requiring their employees to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. This new reality is changing how employers think about remote working and when the crisis is over, they will be sure to adopt new practices.

For employees, working remotely has other perks beyond just helping curb the spread of a contagious disease.

Not only will you save money on gas and car maintenance with your (much) shorter commute, but you’ll also gain more of the most precious resource: time. Goodbye, traffic.

Plus, working remotely is just easier for some people. Many workers find that extra peace and quiet allows them to think more critically about problems or just be more productive overall.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, consider these six top jobs that can be done remotely. We sifted through hundreds of jobs, evaluating them based on their pay and benefits, projected growth, education requirements and flexibility. Time to dust off that resume as you read our top picks.

1. Data Scientist

Median salary: $118,370

Job outlook: 16% growth projected through 2028

Data scientists are in high demand, thanks to the ever-growing collection of data and information in the world. These well-respected experts help gather, analyze, store and organize data to help companies and organizations solve problems, identify trends and develop new technologies.

This job earned high marks because it’s a flexible, remote-friendly job that you can land with the right knowledge and skillset.

2. Software Engineer

Median salary: $105,590

Job outlook: 21% growth projected through 2028

Software engineers make today’s digital world go round. These jobs touch everything from our personal phones and laptops to entire systems that power business, medicine, and technology around the world.

One of the best things about working as a software engineer is that you often don’t need an advanced degree to get a job — you just need to have strong skills.  If you’ve got the digital chops you can enroll in an online coding bootcamp, without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on another degree.

Plus, you can work remotely whether you work in-house for a large company or for yourself as a freelancer. Many employers don’t necessarily care when you work, so long as you meet deadlines and get it done right, which gives you added flexibility.

3. Information Security Analyst

Median salary: $98,350

Job outlook: 32% growth projected through 2028

An information security analyst is one of the fastest-growing positions out there today — and you can do this work from the comfort of your own home, on the beach or wherever you choose.

These talented men and women work for all sorts of companies and organizations because everyone has a computer network that needs protection these days. Information security analysts often have a bachelor’s degree, but it’s not always necessary. There are also special certificates and training programs available. The work is important, but can be done at nearly any hour of the day.

4. Statistician

Median salary: $87,780

Job outlook: 30% growth projected through 2028

Statisticians can work from anywhere as they analyze numbers, develop statistical models and reach conclusions that help their organizations make important decisions. You’ll find statistician jobs in finance, healthcare, engineering and tons of other fields.

This profession earned high marks for its flexibility, which means you’ll have a high-quality work/life balance, and for its job prospects. If you’re thinking of pursuing a new career, add statisticians to your list to look into.

5. Genetic Counselor

Median salary: $80,370

Job outlook: 27% growth projected through 2028

Genetic counseling is a fast-growing field that helps people understand their family heritage, as well as their risk for inheriting specific diseases or conditions. Thanks to the rising popularity of genetic testing services like 23andMe and Ancestry, more and more people are learning about their genetic makeup. This is where you can help. As a genetic counselor, you can help people understand the results of these genetic tests, as well as provide clarity on a range of medical issues.

Genetic counselors can work remotely and often have a flexible schedule. You’ll need to earn the right credentials — often a master’s degree — but this career can be incredibly rewarding.

6. Speech Therapist/Speech-Language Pathologist

Median salary: $77,510

Job outlook: 27% growth projected through 2028

Yep, you can be a speech-language pathologist and work from home. These specially trained therapists often use telemedicine technology to connect with children and adults via video. Why? Because this means that people who don’t live near a specialist or can’t afford the time or money it takes to reach one in person now have access to important care.

You’ll typically need at least a bachelor’s degree, if not a master’s degree, to pursue this career assessing, diagnosing and treating communication disorders. Even so, it’s a rewarding and meaningful career path that offers you the flexibility you need.

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