How to become a coder when you have a full-time job

By Sarah Kuta for Hack Reactor

These days, it feels like everyone has some form of a “side gig,” a money-making project or job they pursue outside of their normal 9-to-5 workweek.

But instead of a side hustle that brought in a few dollars here and there, what if you focused your extra time and attention on making plans for the long run? You can attend a remote part-time software engineering program now that could result in a six-figure salary in less than a year. Now that’s a truly profitable side venture, don’t you think?

If you’re curious about how to become a coder when you already have a full-time job, here’s what you need to know.

You don’t have to quit your job

You might assume that in order to go back to school and switch careers, you need to first quit your day job. Not so fast.

You can keep your job and revolutionize your resume all at the same time. Hack Reactor offers an online part-time coding bootcamp that will turn you into a software engineering whizz in no time. The best part? You’ll continue supporting your family while bettering yourself.

Plus, we offer some pretty unique financial options if you’re worried about money. You can pay your tuition up front, earn a scholarship, or pay no tuition until you get a higher paying job later. It’s an investment, but one that will pay for itself many times over after you start your new job with Google, Apple, or Facebook.

You won’t miss being in a classroom

We get it — you’re busy. That’s why we designed a part-time, fully remote, live online coding bootcamp.

If the words “fully remote” conjure up images of badly produced recorded videos of lecturers in an empty classroom, don’t fret. That’s so not what we’re about. Our virtual classroom is just like any in-person classroom — you’ll follow along from the comfort of your home and interact with our world-class faculty and your peers on a regular basis. Help is just a few clicks away, since our on-demand support staff can meet with you for a video call whenever you get stuck, even on Saturdays.

You won’t have to pay for parking, tolls, gas, going out for lunch, or new clothes — you can learn JavaScript right from your living room or home office. Plus, with the coronavirus pandemic continuing for the foreseeable future, our online bootcamp is just safer, period. Working 100 percent remotely will also prepare you for a future remote software engineering job, too.

You’ll be exactly what employers are looking for

Not all online coding bootcamps are created equal — not by a longshot. We focus specifically on full-stack software engineering with JavaScript, which is one of the most in-demand programming languages around.

The rigorous curriculum includes client-side and server-side concepts, as well as new trends in tech, such as ES6, Angular 2+, React, and Blockchain. In fact, we’re the first coding school with Blockchain curriculum, the new technology that’s disrupting industries left and right. You’ll be on the cutting edge of e-commerce, security, banking, and supply chain with your new Blockchain expertise.

We also include complexity analysis, algorithms, and advanced data structures to help give you a strong CS foundation that top employers are looking for in candidates.

You’ll also gain and strengthen other skills, including deployment, authentication, agile, scrum, testing, and how to work on legacy codebases, as well as how to build apps from scratch. You’ll get to practice working on real-world programs as part of a real engineering team, which is invaluable experience before you hit the job market.

The schedule is flexible

If the idea of committing to a full-time coding bootcamp online is just too much of a time commitment for you, then a part-time program might be the answer for you.

Hack Reactor’s part-time online coding bootcamp meets just three times a week — two weeknights and part of Saturdays — so you’ll still have plenty of time to hang out with your kids, check out a new brewery, ride your bike, or do home improvement projects. Though the part-time program meets less frequently, it offers the same quality as the full-time program.

You’ll complete the program in nine short months, which really flies by once you get started working on growing your JavaScript knowledge.

We’ll help you find a new job

Chances are, you’re looking for new career opportunities in software engineering. The good news? You don’t have to go it alone.

The program includes a week with our dedicated Career Services team, a group of industry pros who will help you become more confident during job interviews, build your online brand and portfolio, and teach you how to negotiate for higher pay and better benefits.

On top of that, our extensive network of partners and graduates includes more than 5,600 alumni and 2,250 companies — you’ll get unparalleled access to people who work at top companies around the globe.

And, if you love the company you work for today and don’t plan on leaving, you’ll still be able to leverage your new software engineering skillset into a promotion or a new position.

You’ll need to prepare first

Before enrolling in our live online part-time coding bootcamp, you’ll want to get up to speed with one of our Hack Reactor coding bootcamp prep programs.

After that, you’ll enroll in the self-study precourse to ramp up your skills even more.

Depending on your existing skills, you’ll want to start preparing for your part-time coding bootcamp up to seven months in advance. It sounds like a lot, but our program is designed to take you further than you ever imagined, so we expect you to put in a little legwork ahead of time.

It’s hard work — but so worth it

Working full-time can be exhausting on its own. Throw in an intensive and rigorous online part-time coding bootcamp and you’ll be working even harder.

Just remember, though, that all this hard work and preparation will really pay off in the long run. Case in point: The median annual salary for our remote part-time graduates is about $90,000. If you’re looking for a program that can launch you into a stable and lucrative career, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll put in nine months of effort today for the chance to work for top companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Zenefits, Amazon, and LinkedIn tomorrow.

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