Who’s on your T.E.A.M.?

Dr. Sam Kline, Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion at Galvanize, explains why it’s so crucial to choose your T.E.A.M. wisely in this video. After overcoming adversity in her youth, she’s inspiring others to know their worth and to be selective with whom they share it. While this lesson applies to all walks of life, it is especially important when entering an immersive bootcamp program.


T – Time

Who will you give your time to? “Free time” during a coding bootcamp is limited as most of your days are spent learning and implementing. In any downtime you do have, you’ll likely spend it working through challenges or searching for solutions online or among your peers. Sundays are the only days where you are not required to participate, so it is recommended to prioritize time for yourself and your closest, most trusted team members.

E – Energy

Much like time, energy is in short supply during the program, as most of it will be directed toward your studies and projects. Be sure to recharge in the ways that fulfill you and practice your favorite forms of self-care throughout. 

A – Access

Who will you allow to have access to you? Set clear boundaries with those in your life so that others can help support you through this intense time. Are you easily influenced by peer pressure? Will that distract you from your goals? Let those around you know and set expectations so that your friends and family can support you in the way that best suits you!

M – Money

It is recommended that you have enough funds to live for 6 months– 3 months budgeted for the duration of the bootcamp and an additional 3 months to make sure you have enough to focus on your job search. Galvanize offers scholarships to aid with the total cost and we offer one of the most student-friendly Income Share Agreement (ISA) programs. If you’re not sure what might be best, we highly recommend talking to an Enrollment Advisor today about your options.

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