Celebrating our May 2024 coding bootcamp scholarship recipients

We offer full-tuition scholarships to our coding bootcamps in an effort to create new professional paths for members of underrepresented populations in tech.

Below, meet the May 2024 recipients of our We Stand Together Scholarship, Galvanize Scholarship, and the Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship, which honors the memory of Galvanize graduate and software engineer Eddie G. Marovich. (Learn more about Eddie at the end of this post.)

Editor’s note: The bios below were provided by the awardees.


We Stand Together Scholarship

Our We Stand Together Scholarship is for those who identify as Black or African-American and who are interested in our Hack Reactor Beginner Coding Bootcamp. To plan for a more equitable future in tech, we launched an Opportunity Fund back in 2020 to fund this scholarship. Below, meet the latest recipient.

Chakisha Johnson – Hack Reactor Beginner Coding Bootcamp 

Coding bootcamp scholarship recipient Chakisha Johnson.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Chakisha has called Texas “home” for several years now. It is there that she developed an intrigue with technology and a desire to learn how computers do what they do. She has long held the belief that you’re never too young or old to learn something new, and if given the chance, she would prove it. Insert Galvanize. When Chakisha heard about the coding bootcamp, she felt like this was her opportunity to create a better future for herself and her loved ones; she would be sure not to miss it!

Galvanize Scholarship

Our Galvanize Scholarship is open to Individuals who identify as belonging to one or more groups that are historically underrepresented in the tech industry, including BIPOC (Black/indigenous/person of color), formerly incarcerated persons, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, persons over age 40, Veterans, and women. Below, meet the latest recipient.

Holli Fischer – Hack Reactor Beginner Coding Bootcamp 

Coding bootcamp scholarship recipient Holli Fischer.

Holli Fischer is currently living in Nevada and is 48 years old. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, which can be a rollercoaster ride. For her, MS means “Mighty Strong” because in the face of adversity she refuses to give in or give up. She has a web design and graphic design background, and her goal – after successful completion of this program – is entrepreneurship after gaining some real-world experience. Her wish is to be an example to others who are disabled and/or in the LGBTQ+ community that it’s never too late to achieve your goals and to find strength regardless of your limitations. Lastly, Holli strives to enjoy the quality of life, while she has a quality of life to live!

Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship

Julia Veliquette – Hack Reactor Beginner Coding Bootcamp 

Coding bootcamp scholarship recipient Julia Veliquette.

Julia is a firefighter with a passion for technology. With a knack for problem-solving and a keen eye for design, she has embarked on a journey to become a sought-after software engineer through Hack Reactor. As a self-driven individual, she has already crafted several impressive projects, showcasing her determination and creativity. From digital art to video editing, she’s constantly exploring new avenues of expression and innovation. Beyond the screen, Julia finds joy in spending quality time with family and friends and her dogs, Remi and Millie, while also indulging in outdoor adventures. Julia is deeply honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship. She is grateful for the opportunity and hopes to honor Eddie’s legacy by making a meaningful difference in the world, just as he did.

About the Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship

In honor of Galvanize graduate Eddie G. Marovich’s life and memory, members of his surviving community have made a generous pledge in the form of the Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded each year for five years to a top-scoring Galvanize Scholarship applicant to attend one of our coding bootcamps.

Additional information about Eddie:

On September 4th, 2021, Eddie Marovich passed away, leaving us all far too soon. He was an incredible developer, teammate, and friend to many, and left us with a wealth of fond memories to appreciate and remember.

Eddie Marovich

Eddie graduated from Galvanize in Boulder, CO, and proceeded to balance a meaningful career in web development with his ever-present adventurous and enthusiastic spirit. An avid rock climber and snowboarder, he was known to “wow” his friends and strangers alike with his athletic and acrobatic antics. The world was Eddie’s jungle gym and he loved to play.  

He had a magnetic personality and a deep passion for helping others. Eddie acted as a technical recruiter and mentor to many of his friends, who often took an atypical path to coding like he did. He spoke often of doing what he could to help get others into a career in web development, particularly those who lacked the confidence or the means.

In Eddie’s spirit of excitement and inclusion, we hope that recipients of the Eddie G. Marovich Memorial Scholarship will gain the skills, support, and knowledge to help them start their own careers in technology and live a life full of adventure. 


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