Celebrating Briana Riley, Galvanize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion February Award Winner

We’re proud to announce the winner of our February Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Pineapple* GOAT Award, presented on a monthly basis to a Galvanize employee who exemplifies our company-wide commitment to DEI. 

The purpose of this award is to celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of our team members working to advance our DEI goals, which include creating and improving our systems and processes for a sustainable, successful present and future for both our team and our students. 

This month’s winner is Career Services Manager Briana Riley. Below, you’ll see two separate Q&A sections: one with Briana and one with Ben Fox, who nominated her for the award.

*But first, a quick note on the pineapple : Why is the word pineapple in the award name, you might ask? Fair question! The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and welcoming. Here at Galvanize, we’ve adopted the symbol, incorporating its meaning into our values. We often refer to our team members as “pineapples” as we strive to embody the ideals of working together, openness, and kindness toward all staff and students.

Briana Riley, Career Services Manager

Q&A with Briana Riley

  1. What is your response to receiving the DEI Pineapple GOAT award?
    I’m just so grateful to work with people that value transparency and push themselves to do better for each other, our grads, and our students. Thank you all for creating a space where having these conversations is possible. I am truly honored and I hope we all continue to work towards the ideals of DEI in every community we belong to.
  2. Why is DEI important to you?
    This is such a loaded question, so it will be hard to boil down to a few sentences. I believe that DEI is about accessibility. It’s access to safety. It’s access to opportunity. It’s access to a platform. It’s about letting people know that they matter in tangible ways. To me, as a black and queer woman, DEI is one of the many ways that I can continue the work of my ancestors before me, and *hopefully* pave the way forward for those less fortunate or those that come after me. It’s also a way to create connection and community in a world that feels more and more divided. So, it’s important because it represents all of these things and it guides how I want to live my life in every space I’m in.
  3. Why do you like working at Galvanize?
    Galvanize believes in people. It’s a place that helps people turn ideas into outcomes, and I really just love being a part of that journey. It’s the reason I became a coach and it’s the reason I like this work. It’s incredible to work with people as they learn about themselves and work towards their goals.

Q&A with Ben Fox

  1. Why do you believe this person should be nominated as a Galvanize GOAT? 
    Bri exudes positivity and thoughtfulness everywhere she goes. She asks questions both in small groups and in company-wide all-hands meetings. Her thoughtfulness is matched by her commitment to action, whether it is being in an ERG, or helping a colleague with coverage when they are sick.  
  1. How does this person make Galvanize a better place?
    Bri brings a sharp eye to the processes, systems, and operations of Galvanize. She is quick to notice patterns and can artfully express what she sees. Bri also brings teamwork and positivity to her everyday interactions. 
  1. How do they embody our company values?
    Bri is quite the Pineapple! She cares about people deeply, while trying to understand their point of view. She is a dedicated, hard-working colleague who keeps her students front and center. 
  1. What do you personally appreciate about this person the most?
    Bri is a good friend of mine. I love how she is always so curious and wants to make sure the people around her are good. She is also open to sharing what is going on for her, making connection a breeze.


Read about last month’s winner here, and be sure to check back next month to read about our March awardee.

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