Admissions Timeline

We recommend that you submit your initial application 6 weeks before the course start date to ensure enough time to complete the remaining admissions process.

Here is our suggested application timeline prior to course start date:

  • 6+ Weeks Prior: Submit your initial application
  • 4 Weeks Prior: Complete the admissions process
  • 3 Weeks Prior: Complete your contract & pay your deposit
  • 1-2 Weeks Prior: Complete your pre-course curriculum

You may still enroll in a cohort if you are admitted less than 3 weeks before a start date, though you may experience reduced flexibility in interview scheduling. Please plan accordingly.


Data Science Immersive Admissions Process

We look for students with aptitude, determination, and drive. Ideally, Data Science applicants have experience programming in Python and significant experience in math, statistics, and probability. Generally, our students come from an academic background in statistics, computer science, math, physical or life sciences, or engineering, and/or have professional experience working with data.


After a member of the admissions team has reviewed your application, you will complete three rounds of evaluation: a technical exercise and two technical interviews. Once you return your Technical Exercise, the interview process takes approximately two weeks.


The Technical Exercise has three questions: one each in Python, SQL and statistics/probability. We generally ask that you return your technical exercise within 7 days after you receive it. While there is no time limit, the Technical Exercise can be completed in an average of four hours. Once we receive your submission, it will be scored and an Admissions Officer will reach out to you with next steps within 2 business days.


This is a technical interview where you will solve a programming challenge in Python. It is conducted by a Data Science alum or instructor, via Google Meet. You will use a collaborative code editor so the interviewer can observe you as you work through the problem(s). Please be familiar with dictionaries, lists, control flow, data types, and how to use them in Python.

The ideal candidate in terms of Python has a basic understanding of programming principles and experience working on the command line. The candidate should be familiar with all of the basic data structures in python, and basic control flow/logical statements. The candidate should be capable of writing simple functions in Python.


This is a technical interview where you will solve challenges in statistics & probability. It is conducted by an instructor or alum, via Google Meet. There will be no software or programming during this interview. Questions will be shared over a Google Doc and then you will work through them with the interviewer.

Topics reviewed include: model fitting, regression analysis, and probability. Successful interviewees have an understanding of probability, including independent and conditional probabilities and expected value, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. In addition, it is beneficial to have experience with multiple linear regression, logistic regression, statistical modeling, basic visual methods and model evaluation.

*To Note: During the interviews, feel free to ask questions, talk through your process, and/or tell the interviewers when you are stuck. We are interested in your approach, ability to think through a problem, and your current knowledge. After your final interview, we will share an admissions decision within 2 business days. *


For some students enrolled in the Data Science Immersive program, we offer an additional in-person workshop focused on Python during the week before the class officially starts. This is a full-time workshop available at no charge for any Galvanize Data Science student, provided that Week 0 is offered to that cohort. Your Admissions Advisor will provide more information about eligibility and attendance after you have been accepted - please be sure to RSVP if you would like to attend.

If you are very close to the admittance standards for Python, but we feel you would benefit from more practice, we may ask you to confirm you can attend Week 0 before making a final admissions determination.


Software Engineering Immersive Admissions Process

We look for students with aptitude, determination, and drive. An ideal Web Development student is an advanced beginner, meaning you have learned the basics (specifically in JavaScript, although HTML and CSS are useful as well) and know enough to be confident that this is the best next step for you professionally. While our Web Development Immersive students come from a variety of backgrounds, the ideal student should be able to write basic functions in JavaScript and clearly communicate their approach to technical problems.

Prepare and Show Us You’re an Engineer in the Making

Similar to how our immersive models the engineering industry, our admissions models the immersive. We provide introductory-level curriculum to teach you everything you need to know about the basics of JavaScript and how to solve problems like an engineer. Show us you’ve mastered what we look for and that you’re ready to go further.

The whole process, from beginning to day one of the immersive, typically takes 2-4 months. It is challenging, but it is a rewarding and incredible growth journey. When you’re admitted, you’ll know you’re among other incredible peers, all fully ready, motivated and vetted for success.

The first step in our admissions process is to start learning to code and to show us you can tackle problems like a promising engineer. Two options are available:

Option 1

Take our Structured Study Program (Online)

This is a live guided course that prepares you for a technical assessment to get into your desired cohort. It is the most effective way to go from application to immersive-ready. Students love this live prep program and we highly recommend this option if you can do it.

Option 2

Study and interview at your own pace

We have a free self study online prep program called Basic Prep that is meant to get students ready for the technical interview. We also offer Premium Prep, which offers individualized self study with instructor input.

You'll have the chance to learn more about these prep options and select your desired path after you complete your application. Apply now!

Pass the Technical Interview/Admittance

In this hour long interview, we'll present you with a coding problem covering the topics you learned in our Structured Study Program or Basic Prep. We'll evaluate your fluency with JavaScript fundamentals and see how you tackle problems in a collaborative setting. You'll also have the chance to meet with Hack Reactor alumni and ask questions about their experience.

Complete the Precourse

Precourse takes place after you pass the technical interview and decide to join the immersive. Through another 80 hours of study, you'll push your skill set, your comfort zone, and your autonomy. Students preparing using Basic Prep complete precourse at their own pace. For students in our Structured Study Program, precourse is covered within live prep. Precourse allows students to hit the ground running on day one of the immersive and to make the most out of their time at Hack Reactor.

Start the Immersive Software Engineering Program

By day one of the immersive, students have already completed 100-200 hours of study in our admissions and onboarding process alone. They’ve proven they’re smart, driven, compassionate and ready to succeed.

From there, students embark on an immersive that closely models the engineering industry. For another six hundred hours, you’ll work with talented peers to tackle challenging problems our curriculum engineers & former hiring managers have pulled from real industry projects.

Students become exceptional engineers, receive amazing job search support, join an incredible global alumni network of over 3,000 engineers and go on to make an impact in their careers and their community.


General Information


If you are accepted to a Galvanize immersive program, you will receive a Student Enrollment Agreement 1-2 business days after receiving your acceptance notification. Your Enrollment Agreement is valid for 7 days from the day of receipt. The Galvanize Registrar counter-signs enrollment agreements on a daily basis.


Once your enrollment agreement has been completed, an invoice is sent to pay the $1,500 deposit to secure your seat in your intended immersive. You have 3 days to complete this transaction. After paying the deposit, your seat is successfully secured. If you wish to defer to another cohort, please be in touch with your admissions team or the registrar no less than 3 weeks before the start of class.


If you are accepted and choose to enroll in a Galvanize immersive program, there is required self-paced coursework to complete before Day 1. The pre-course curriculum takes up to 45 hours to complete, and is fully online.


We understand that many students require tuition assistance to attend Galvanize programs. Learn more about our discount program, sponsorships, and financing here →


Students who choose not to finance their tuition have three options to pay their remaining tuition balance:
Upfront, during the first week of class

  • Split into two equal payments. If you prefer this option, please notify our Bursar AFTER you are accepted.
  • Through a lending partner

Note: Students in the Software Engineering Program in San Francisco will automatically have their tuition split into two payments.

*Please reach out to if you have any questions about tuition payments.


While Galvanize welcomes all students, we limit financing and some Career Services support to those who are authorized to work in the United States.


If you are accepted into an immersive program, there are several important pieces of information to know. You should review the program catalog, which can be found here →


We are required by the states in which we operate to ensure we only admit students who can complete post-secondary coursework. You will need to submit proof of a high school diploma or higher if you are accepted into the course. We will collect this electronically beginning approximately 1 month before the course start date.


To learn more about our Data Science and Software Engineering Immersive programs and what each Galvanize campus has to offer, we strongly encourage you to attend one of our information sessions on campus.
Data Science Info Sessions →
Software Engineering Info Sessions →

*If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or request info below.

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