We are currently only accepting online applications. You can find the application at
3.0 (GPA) minimum. We take into account variances in grading systems around the world.
Applicants denied admission are welcome to reapply for the next cohort. Re-applicants are encouraged to review material in the following areas before reapplying: calculus, linear algebra, statistics, python, and probability theory.
Work experience is not a requirement. Some students come into the program directly upon completion of their undergraduate degree, while others are working professionals with a few years of relevant work experience.
The tuition for the Master of Science in Data Science program is $1,600 per credit hour. There are a total of 30 hours of credit required for successful completion of this program. $48,000
This a a 12-month fully accredited program. This encompasses 5 mini-semesters including an internship and capstone project. The first 8-9 months are focused on structured curriculum, and the final 3 months are focused on an internship and a capstone project.
This is a full-time immersive program. Students should expect to be on-campus full-time for the entire 12-month duration, with evening and weekend work.
Powered through the University of New Haven in Connecticut (UNH), the Master of Science in Data Science program takes place at the UNH Satellite campus: GalvanizeU, located in the SOMA district in San Francisco. Our address is 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105.
No, transfer credits are not accepted for the Master of Science in Data Science.
This is a data science oriented project in which students have the opportunity to choose between projects presented by Galvanize’s various industry partners and companies. Based on the presentations, students submit three different project proposals for their faculty to approve. The students will work on the project with the industry partner for the remainder of the degree. At the end of the final minimester, students present their capstone project to their faculty. Industry partners may bring on a student to do both a Capstone Project and an Internship simultaneously, but it is not a strict requirement.
Yes, international students are encouraged to apply beginning with the Fall 2016 cohort.
International applicants who are accepted into the master’s program may be eligible for the F1 student visa. You can learn more about international student visa requirements and applications by visiting the University of New Haven’s Admissions page here, or the U.S. Department of State’s website here.
Yes. The degree is given by the University of New Haven College of Engineering, so it qualifies for the OPT STEM extension.
Yes! Students will have a complete and published profile in Galvanize’s propietary jobs platform – Talent – well before graduation, from which we are actively marketing your skills to potential employers. On campus, we work with employers to develop opportunities to connect with their target candidates, and invite hiring partners to our final Capstone Showcase, allowing you to demonstrate how your technical skills can solve real business problems.
Students in the fully-accredited program through the University of New Haven and GalvanizeU benefit from access to the robust Galvanize hiring network and structured placement support. Galvanize’s non-accredited Data Science and Full-Stack program have been incredibly successful. We anticipate career placements in the University of New Haven and GalvanizeU program to be just as successful due to the students being exposed to the same incredible Galvanize network and support.