Train Your Cloud Native Development Team

From Inception to Production

Galvanize has created a blended learning program to train developers on Cloud Foundry & Cloud Native Development. At the end of this blended online and in-person, 8-week program (6 weeks, 13-15 hrs/week self-directed; 2 week immersive), attendees will be able to build and deploy modern Spring-based Java applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Through the Pivotal and Galvanize Cloud Native Technology (CNT) course, your developers will learn everything they need to know about full lifecycle development of a cloud native app, from inception to deployment and production.

Skills mastered from completion of this program

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) | Industry-leading multi-cloud PaaS, making it simple to write agile deployments, binding services, and application monitoring.

Spring/Spring Boot | Industry-leading, modern framework for building applications quickly.

Microservices | Leverage small pieces to accelerate and scale your business growth initiative.

Sample Course Agenda


Pre-Qualifications / Ideal Candidate

  • State and Behavior / Constructors / Interfaces
  • Build a class that implements the interface
  • Build a basic Java app in IntelliJ / Eclipse
  • Annotate classes / methods in Java
  • Basic Experience in Java / OOP (minimum Java 7)
  • Some experience with HTTP requests/responses
  • Experience Parsing JSON with Jackson
  • Basic understanding of JSON APIs
  • Build an interface

Program Details

Pricing | $10,500 per student
Location | Blended (Online & In-