Cloud Native Essentials

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From Inception to Production

The Cloud Native Essentials (CNE) blended learning course trains your developers to use Java Spring and Cloud Foundry to efficiently ship high-quality software. This practical, hands-on program includes both online interactive tutorials followed by an immersive, in-person instruction session on a Galvanize campus. Completion of this course results in:

Trained and Skilled Team | Upskill your developers to utilize Java Spring in a test-driven environment and work on cloud-based applications deployed to Cloud Foundry.

Faster Software Production | Build a team that ships quality software as efficiently as possible, both now and in the future.

Just-In-Time Training | Our blended learning course includes checkpoints along the way to make sure that training participants have the right skills to be successful in the course.

Topics Covered

  • Cloud Foundry
  • Java Spring
  • Test-Drive Development
  • Spring Boot
  • Microservices

Instructor Recommended Timeline

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Sample Course Agenda

Pre-Qualifications / Ideal Candidate

  • Java programming experience (at least Java 7)
  • Comfortable with OOP, state & behavior
  • Experience writing Java classes, interfaces, and constructors
  • Experience building Java apps in a tool such as IntelliJ/Eclipse
  • Familiarity with HTTP requests & JSON

Pricing | $9,600 per student
Location | Blended (5 weeks online instruction & 2 weeks In-Person instruction on a Galvanize Campus)

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