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2014-2015 Placement Data

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2014-2015 Placement Data

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Web Development for Career Starters and Career Changers

Our web development immersive program is a 24-week course where beginner coders transform into job-ready software engineers. We give you the chance to learn new skills, seize new opportunities and be surrounded by a passionate community. Galvanize is not for the many who dream about changing their lives, Galvanize is for the few that do. Have you got it?


Galvanize's Career Services team is dedicated to preparing students to leverage their new technical skills into a new career as a full-stack or front-end developer, quality assurance engineer, product manager, or sales engineer. We provide access to employers, and partner with companies on recruitment strategies through which to source Galvanize talent.

Where our Graduates Work

After leaving Galvanize, our students go on to work at some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies all across the country. Here are just a few of them:



Bank of America

CA Technologies





Home Advisor


Layer 3


Nation Star

Open Table


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Our Instructors

Nmuta Jones

Nmuta Jones
Lead Instructor | Denver - Platte

Wes Reid

Wes Reid
Lead Instructor | Denver - Golden Triangle

Ryan Sobol

Ryan Sobol
Lead Instructor | Seattle - Pioneer Square

Marc Majcher

Marc Majcher
Lead Instructor | Austin - 2nd Street District

Many of the things I learned at Galvanize have been helpful at my job. Especially the overall high-level “what goes into a web application.”

Jaya Darbhamulla, Galvanize web development graduate and UI Engineer at Solar City


Galvanize’s Web Development curriculum is special because it was backwards planned—we started by asking the question, “What skills, habits, and mindsets do developers need to be successful in both getting and keeping jobs in today’s market?” Rooted in the NEAP stack (Node / Express / Angular / PostgreSQL), our program covers the languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals you need to land a career in web development.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Node, Express & SQL




First Quarter

JavaScript Fundamentals and Client-Side Programming

  • Command Line Fundamentals
  • Git Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • HTML / CSS Fundamentals
  • JavaScript and the Browser
  • Consuming Web APIs
  • Static-site Hosting
  • Agile Project Management
  • Personal project

Second Quarter

Server-Side Programming w/ Node | Express and PostgreSQL

  • Node Fundamentals
  • SQL and Relational Database Fundamentals w/ PostgreSQL
  • Server-Side Programming Fundamentals w/ Express including:
    Form-based authentication and OAuth
    Authorization and Middleware
  • Deploying Node apps
  • Programming asynchronous code w/ Promises
  • Git for teams
  • Group project

Third Quarter

Angular | Single-Page Applications | APIs and Microservice Architecture

  • AngularJS Fundamentals
  • Single Page Application Concepts including Authentication
  • API Design and Implementation
  • Deploying to EC2
  • Deploying to Cloud Foundry
  • Working in unfamiliar environments / new technologies
  • Group project

Fourth Quarter

Data Structures | Capstone Project | Graduation

  • Algorithms
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Statically Typed Languages (Java)
  • Automated Testing
  • Capstone Project
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking events
  • Graduation


As part of our curriculum, you’ll work on individual and group projects, including a personal capstone project through which you'll showcase how you apply your new technical skillet to solving real business problems. Here are just a few awesome things our students have built:

Rory Grant & Dana Mulder

PuppyLove is an app built to match dogs around the
city based on location and personality traits. This social network that allows users to connect based on the compatibility of their pets was built using test-driven development and pair programming.

Cameron Irmas & Michael Smykowski 

Rereddit is a mobile-centric application that allows you to more elegantly browse Reddit, to save your favorite posts to boards, and to follow and interact with your friends. The app is built with Meteor, a full-stack JavaScript framework that excels in the development of real-time applications.

Lauren Richie & Rosa Choi

Comeback is a data visualization that describes the history of the gray wolf. The interface features a map visualizing populations over time and interactive infographics. Built using D3.js, TopoJSON, JavaScript, Sass, Ruby, jQuery and object-oriented data handling and parsing.

Alex McRitchie

Cyvasse is a board game built in JavaScript/jQuery and Rails, based on a fictitious game from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. In the series there are only hints to how the game is played, so the rules are a combination of the specifics found in the books combined with the views on game design and user feedback.

Galvanize Web Development is the only external immersive program that consistently produces the industry-ready engineers that can meet Pivotal's standards

Rob Mee, Pivotal Labs

Campus Life

Galvanize campuses are designed from the ground up to be conducive to learning to code. From the classrooms and the lab space to the carefully vetted companies renting workspaces, Galvanize is the learning community for technology.

The instructors at Galvanize are passionate about both teaching and writing code. They come from diverse technological backgrounds having worked in dozens of different languages and technologies. They’ve come together because they want to take on a new challenge: the craft of teaching.

Career Preparation

You will work with a Career Services Manager in the city in which you attended the program. They will help you identify your strengths and career interests, help you refine your career goals, and identify opportunities for you to connect with hiring partners. Working in tandem with each of our Career Services Managers is a Partnerships Relations Manager, dedicated to identifying, cultivating, and developing regional and national employer relationships for you and all of our Galvanize students.


During the application process, you’ll receive a take-home exercise and have two interviews with Galvanize faculty – one to assess your goals for the program, and another to evaluate your programming ability. Programming experience isn’t required, but we are looking for advanced beginners who’ve taught themselves the basics.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We offer partial scholarships based on merit, demonstrated financial need, and increasing participation in technology among underrepresented groups such as women, veterans, minorities, and people who identify as LGBT. We also partner with Skills Fund and Climb Credit for students who need help financing their tuition.

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